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Monochrome is cool, It always has been!

Our latest buy is the supremely original large enamelled panel depicting man, woman and dog for a life insurance company founded in 1838 in France, from the art deco period. We sourced this from a collector in deepest Carmargue who was reluctant to part with it, but with much delicate persuasion he did! It is not always necessary to hang a mirror or painting over a fireplace, we have in stock a wonderful glass mosaic bull as a great alternative! Created in Barcelona for a vineyard in the 1970s it would make a marvellous change! We pride ourselves in finding rare and original items, not following transient trends, and our shop in Petworth is becoming known for such things. Our shop window at present is totally monochrome, with a lovely ebonised desk by the Parisian designer Jacques Adne from the 1930s centre stage, the above panel on one side and a large resin vase, floor standing, Danish, 1980s on the other.


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