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Acerbis side cabinet in black lacquer and brushed steel Italian c1970s

Black lacquer and brushed steel Parioli side cabinet by Giotto Stoppino and Marco Acerbis for Acerbis


Italian circa 1970s - Great proportions and quality. Excellent original condition.


Giotto Stoppino and Marco Acerbis are two talented designers who have collaborated on various projects for the Italian furniture company, Acerbis.

Stoppino is a renowned designer with a career spanning over 30 years. He has worked with various brands, including Alessi, Kartell, and Olivetti, and has won numerous awards for his innovative designs. Acerbis, on the other hand, is a young designer who has quickly made a name for himself in the industry. He has a fresh approach to design, often incorporating new materials and technology into his pieces.


Together, Stoppino and Acerbis have created a range of furniture pieces for Acerbis that showcase their unique styles and design philosophies. Their creations are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, incorporating clean lines and bold colors as shown here in this brushed steel side cabinet.

The black lacquer and brushed steel found on this Parioli side cabinet is a testament to the power of combining different design styles and philosophies to create something truly special.


Stoppino and Acerbis have brought their unique talents and design perspectives to the Acerbis brand, creating innovative and stylish furniture pieces that are both functional and beautiful. 


Width 75"  190 cms

Depth 17"  43cms

Height  29"  74cms

Acerbis side cabinet in black lacquer and brushed steel Italian c1970s

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