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Crouching Figure by Carmelo Zotti
Painting on board of crouching figure dated 1986. *Carmelo Zotti, born in Trieste in 1933, attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Venice during the 1950s, a period when new techniques in visual research, called “informal”, were gaining popularity throughout Europe. In his early twenties, Zotti allied himself to the new directions being explored in European art research and the surrealistic vein it embodied, associating himself with artists such as Afro, Villon, Licini, Tobey, and later Fautier, Vedova and Hartung. Zotti measured his own work with theirs, guided by an original sensibility and a deep strength, running deep with emotions and a sense of humanity. At the beginning of the 1970s it became clear that Zotti’s genuine interest is painting, where he wished “to tell stories”, drawing from his own subconscious, paintings, which reveal themselves “inevitably”. Every sign becomes thus a symbol, a metaphor. Italian, circa 1986

Width:42 ins 107 cm
Height:36 1/2 ins 92 cm

Crouching Figure by Carmelo Zotti

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